IO 102-5

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IO 102-5

IO 102-5 security magnetically contact detector is designed for locking doorways and windows, arranging "trapping" medium as well as locking other elements of buildings with an alarm signal raised to a control panel, concentrator or central surveillance system by opening reed switch contacts.

Detector consists of a reed sensor and driving element (magnet) in plastic housing. It is designed for continuous operation.


Switching voltage range, V 0,05-72
Switching current range, mА 0,1-250
Switching power, W, max 10
Life, min 106

Output electrical resistance:

• at closed contacts (at (100±10)mА), Ohm, max

• at open contacts, kOhms, min


If sensor and magnet are located parallel contacts should be:

• closed – at the distance between them, mm

• open – at the distance between them, mm

10 and less

45 and more

Allowable offset of sensor and magnet, mm, max 3

Insulation resistance between leads of sensor:

• in normal climatic conditions, Ohms, min

• at high relative humidity 98%, Ohms, min

5 · 106
2 · 105

Breakdown voltage between sensor leads and case, VAC /VDC , min 500 / 700
Operating temperature range, °С -50 … +50
High humidity at +25 0С, %, max 98
Vibration proof at 10 to 35 Hz, m·sec-2 (g), max 4,9 (0,5)
Failure time, h, min 200000
Life time, years, min 8
Sensor/magnet weight, g, max 5/8,5


  • For installation a wooden surface should be drilled. For mounting of the detector on the metallic surfaces between the case of the sensor (magnet) and metallic surface a gap no less than 30 mm should be created with the help of nonmagnetic materials.

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IO 102-5
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