RGK52 form C reed relay

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RGK52 form C reed relay

Electromagnetic reed relay with one contact for switching. It is meant for switching electric circuit of direct and alternating current with frequency up to 10 kHz in communication devices, telemetry, informatics etc.

The relay has an open case with drive winding on a special frame and can operate with switching and control equipment.


Operating voltage, V, ±10% 15
Pull-in voltage, V, max 9,5
Drop-out voltage, V, min 1,2
Winding resistance, Ohms, ±10% 1300
Control current (reference value), mA 12
Switching power, W/VA, max 120
Switching current range, A 0,01 ... 3,0
Switching voltage range, VDC /VAC 5 ... 150
Resistance, Ohms, max 0,3
Insulation resistance, MOhms, min 200

Breakdown voltage, VAC /VDC, min

- between open contacts of relay

- between contacts and relay winding



Operate time, ms, max 3,0
Release time, ms, max 3,0
Life (depending on mode conditions) 1·104 ... 1·106
Sinusoidal vibration (1-500)Hz, g, max 10

Mechanical shock, g, max

- single shock, duration (10-50)ms

- multiple shock, duration (2-15)ms



Linear acceleration, g, max 10
Operating temperature range, 0С -40 ... +85
High humidity at +25 ºС, %, max 98
Weight, g, max 24

The manufacturer guarantees quality conformance of the relay to engineering specification provided customer complies with storage, transportation, assembly and service conditions.


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