Major advantages of reed switches

  • Fully hermetically sealed metal contact. Reed switches can operate in moist and dust ambient conditions, active liquids and gases medium, at temperature variation from -60°C to +155°C. They have immunity to radiation.
  • Total galvanic isolation of the load and control circuits.
  • Low control power (50-200 mW), low resistance (0.05-0.15 ohm), high insulation resistance (1010-1012 ohm), operating speed (0.5-1.5 ms).
  • Long life expectancy at high reliability (106-108 switching cycles).
  • High mechanical stability (shocks up to 500 g, vibration in the frequency range up to 3000 Hz at 15-20 g).
  • Availability and usability.

Advantages and simplicity of the reed switch assembly, ability for operating by an externally generated magnetic field (generated by electric current or permanent magnet) allow using them as terminal pair in relay of all kinds, switches, toggle switches, buttons, position sensors, speed and acceleration sensors, movement and signal distribution indicators, transducers of nonelectrical quantities into electrical analogs, and in various sectors of the national economy and special technology.