Reed switch operation can be conducted as due to the steering coil and the permanent magnet (or their combinations) as well.

The principle of reed switches units operation is based on the flow changes produced by the magnetic field passing through the reed switch. These changes (usually from zero up to the quantity sufficient for the reed switch operation) can be implemented in different ways.

The given steering methods allow creating different constructive schemes of reed switches units with the presence of the coil and the permanent magnet.

Operation using a coil

The coil must produce the magneto-motive force required to operate the switch and hold it closed.

The coil is energized at 1.5 times the operate value.

Figures 1-3 illustrate various methods of operating the switch using a coil.

fig 1

Figure 1

fig 2

Figure 2

fig 3

Figure 3

Operation using permanent magnets

Various combinations of magnet and the switch positions effect operation. The main methods of operating are illustrated in figures 4-10.

Solid lines indicate Pull-In, section lines indicate Drop-Out.

fig 4

Figure 4

fig 5

Figure 5

fig 6

Figure 6

fig 7

Figure 7

fig 8

Figure 8

fig 9

Figure 9

fig 10

Figure 10