Magnetomotive Force

-power characteristic of steering magnetic field. It is a product of current carrying through a magnetizing coil and number of turns.

Pull-in Magnetomotive Force (Pull-in MMF)

-MMF value of steering magnetic field at which normally opened contacts close.

Drop-Out Magnetomotive Force (Drop-Out MMF)

-MMF value at which closed contacts open.

Magnetomotive Operating Force (Operating MMF)

-MMF of the steering magnetic force allowing a set reed switch operating mode.

Contact resistance (R)

-direct-current resistance between reed switch terminals at closed state.

Operating time

-time from the moment of steering magnetic field application up to the moment of the last physical contacts closing.

Release time

-time between the instant of removal of a magnetic field applied to the reed switch and the instant of the last physical opening of this switch.

Insulation strength (IS, breakdown voltage)

-maximum voltage (constant, alternating), applied to the opened contacts without causing break-down.

Switching current

-current switched by a reed switch.

Switching voltage

-voltage switched by a reed switch.

Isolation resistance (IR)

-a reed switch resistance in opened position.


-electrical capacity between reed switch leads with opened contacts.

Resonance frequency

-frequency at which vibrational amplitude of movable reed blades is drastic increased at variable mechanical load action or at magnetic alternating field effect.


-mechanical effect in the form of vibrational loads applied to the reed switch.

Impact load

-mechanical effect in the form of impact loads applied to the reed switch.

Tensile strength

-tensile force value at which a reed switch seal failure occurs.